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Ankara Pool

Nombre: Ankara Pool
Number: 107
Ubicación: Ankara, TR
Soluciones: Villas Privadas
Producto: Cubiertas Telescópicas / Corredizos
Tamaño: 6m x 16m ( 20' x 53' )
Acristalamiento: 5+5mm tempered and laminated reflective tinted glass
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This manor in Ankara, Turkey has a beautiful rooftop pool. The owner contacted Libart directly because of our skill and experience in manufacturing and designing retracting skylights and opening glass roofs.

This specific opening enclosure acts as a face as well as a roof, with a folding door system that opens the entire front of the enclosure. With the opening skylight and the folding doors this enclosure creates a one of a kind atmosphere for the owners pool allowing complete outdoor freedom within the indoor comfort of the home.

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Ankara Pool