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Ege Suits Apartments

Nombre: Ege Suits Apartments
Number: 1285
Ubicación: Izmir / Turkey
Soluciones: Complejos Viviendas
Producto: Cerramientos Telescópicos
Tamaño: 15m x 40m
Acristalamiento: 16x Solar control Grey PC & 4mm Solar Control Clear (translucent) PC
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Ege suits apartments have chosen Libart systems. A lean-to system covers the pool from rain and bad weather conditions. When the enclosure is closed the pool provides indoor comfort, with internal heating system that was built by the client the clement of the pool can be controlled. During the winter the area is heated and during the hot summer the area is cooled down. The system retracts manually and provides the best space of usage of an indoor and outdoor pool. With this system the apartment blocks used the area that they would use for an open air pool for a tennis court.

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Ege Suits Apartments