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Fogelsville Pool

Nombre: Fogelsville Pool
Number: 4455
Ubicación: -
Soluciones: Acuático, Salud y Deporte
Producto: Cerramientos Telescópicos
Tamaño: 7m x 13m ( 23' x 43' )
Acristalamiento: 16X mm Solar Control PC
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This residential pool enclosure has become a great attraction for the owners friends and family. The great atmosphere created by the telescopic cover allows the pool area to stay warm during winter months.

The pool enclosures special window panels trap in heat allowing a party with 4 inches of snow and a wintry gale with no discomfort. The adaptability of Libart engineers shone through when they discovered a problem with the concrete preparation and they provided a solution  that is not only functional but unnoticeable.

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Fogelsville Pool