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Sunnyvale Pool

Nombre: Sunnyvale Pool
Number: 4476
Ubicación: -
Soluciones: Acuático, Salud y Deporte
Producto: Cerramientos Telescópicos
Tamaño: 4.2m x 6.4m ( 14' x 21' )
Acristalamiento: Clear 10mm PC
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The original spa cover for this was little more than metal and nylon roof over the area. The new structure we have built over the area is a perfect example of how Libart retractable buildings are suitable for any size and occasion.

This specific 14 foot by 21 foot spa building seals the relaxation area for use at any point in the year, opening up on hot summers for parties or just personal rest and sealing during colder months for any use desired. All Libart Enclosures can be locked from the inside to inhibit the spa covers mobility, then being locked by key from the outside to prevent outside interference with the structure.

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Sunnyvale Pool