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Vancouver Patio

Nombre: Vancouver Patio
Number: 4562
Ubicación: Vancouver, CA
Soluciones: Villas Privadas
Producto: Cerramientos Telescópicos
Tamaño: 2m x 5m (6' x 17')
Acristalamiento: All vertical surfaces 5mm tempered glass / Roof in 10mm twin-wall clear translucent PC
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Rainy Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world however the aforementioned weather is a real hamper on the enjoyment of the outdoors. With this patio roof this home now has a beautiful sunroom that can be opened on the sunny day to have maximum enjoyment of the outdoors. Having a Libart retracting patio cover essentially creates a new room for the house allowing the resident a quiet room with outdoor freedom to relax in or a great dining room for guests to enjoy year round.
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Vancouver Patio